BeachMint: ShoeMint Has Arrived!

Thanksgiving weekend has ended which of course means the Christmas season can officially begin. Hating the fact that Christmas decor came out well before Halloween this year, I am still in love with the Christmas spirit and can’t wait for Thanksgiving to come knowing Christmas will follow soon after. The problem is- Christmas follows soon after! That means shopping!

The online phenomenon is bigger than ever and continuing to grow as the years go on. Cyber Monday reportedly did over $1.25 billion in online sales this year which is over 20% higher than last year. ( BeachMint is taking the internet by storm opening up flat rate pricing and clubs with monthly product memberships in every category women adore: Jewelry, Beauty, Apparel and launched this past Black Friday: Shoes!  ShoeMint is a collaboration with the designer of Steve Madden and actress /  In Style fashion editor Rachel Bilson, along with her stylist, Nicole Chavez.

JewelMint is the site to go for indie to glam jewels by Kate Bosworth, and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter.  The packaging is impressively high-end and the quality of each item is sturdy and you won’t be disappointed with the styles. Perfect gifts for all the girls in your life, and to wear to all the holiday parties ahead.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen bring a t-shirt line to StyleMint.

In collaboration with Jessica Simpson and Beverly Hills skincare expert, Nerida Joy, BeautyMint is another personalized skincare line that operates on a monthly subscription. The system combines anti-aging technology with natural ingredients. If you try it, let us know!

The issue: automatic membership fees. It is not possible to just shop and place a one time order. In recent experience with JewelMint, we have become good friends with the customer service team, placing multiple orders over the past few months on fab items, but having to call or email after each time to cancel the “club” status and go back to a general user. If you do not contact the site after you order, you will automatically be enrolled into the club and begin billing of $29.99 per month in credit to shop on the site in the future. You can opt out to skip a month, but if you are like me and delete all shopping emails on days you do not wish to be tempted, if you miss the skip, you will be billed. Annoying process? Absolutely. Worth it for s super cute item at a good price? You be the judge.

Happy online shopping this holiday season!